How to Know your Garden Hose is Kink-Resistant

The cleaning experience has never been as easy as using a pressure washer. The pressure washer is high-tech equipment that enables you to achieve maximum cleaning within the shortest period using fewer resources. However, the high-tech washer requires extra attachments such as a Kink-Proof Garden hose to enhance cleaning services. When your hose kinks, it won’t deliver the desired results, making your cleaning experience bad. That is why this article explores ideas on how to get yourself a kink-resistant garden hose. Read on to unleash more.

How to Know a Kink-Proof Garden Hose

  • Materials used

We have a wide range of hoses made using different materials. These materials contribute to the degree of kinking on any hose. All the garden hoses experience a compression set, also known as kink-memory. When the percentage of the kink-memory is low, it means that the material has a low kink-memory, making it resistant to kinks.

  • Hardness

Hard garden hoses are less flexible, making them resistant to kinks. On the other hand, hoses made with soft materials are highly flexible. Although a flexible hose will simplify your work, since you can easily move around with it as you clean, such hoses don’t have the power to resist the kinks. Again, hoses made with soft materials usually fold easily, something that makes them prone to kinks. This means that the hardest hoses are kink-resistant, but the flexible and soft hoses can kink easily.

  • Circular Knit

Garden hoses have a circular wrap reinforcement that uses several threads, creating a series of interlocking loops in the inner tube. The links formed enhance flexibility; thus, the hose handles the pressure adequately and avoids kinks.

  • Resilience

This is the ability of the hose to expand when in use and regain its shape after use. Resilience is an important aspect of garden hoses as it helps them resist kinks. This means that the garden hoses made with highly resistant materials are likely to resist kinks compared to hoses made with less resistant materials.

  • The making of the hose

The materials used to make a garden hose aren’t the only contributing factor to kinking. Also, the process through which a hose was made determines its level of resisting kinks.

  • The thickness of the wall

The inner tube and cover layers combine to create wall thickness which determines the outside diameter of the garden hose. The hose will be flexible, light, and cheap if the wall is thin. However, these types of hoses will kink easily. On the other hand, when the inner tube and layers combination form a thick wall that corresponds to a big outside diameter, the hose is made up of strong materials that can resist kinks.


As much as garden hoses simplify all the cleaning activities at home when connected to a pressure washer, they are prone to kinks, and when this happens, the hose will fail to serve you the desired purposes. That is why it is ideal for you to understand how to determine a kink-proof garden hose t serve you effectively.