Tim Mason’s designs combine beauty, innovative techniques with a scientific mindset. Captivated by the colour and beauty of his prints, we loved the combination of techniques used throughout his collection, mixing traditional methods of printing to create something quite innovative. Tim developed a unique set of prints for The Top Project between meetings in Edinburgh and London where he now lives. 

Tim Mason: I am originally from Croydon, South London and following a foundation year at Wimbledon College of Art I went on to study Printed Textiles at the Edinburgh College of art. During my degree I won two bursary's from the honourable company of dyers which enabled me to fund fabric and dyeing materials during my final year. I graduated in 2011 with a first class honours degree in Printed Textiles. 

My interest in design involves combining different ideas that you wouldn’t normally put together, creating an ordinal end result. E.R.Thompson said that 'originality is the capacity to arrange familiar ideas into new relationships' this and a quotation by Aristotle that 'beauty is the mean between two extremes' are ideas that form the base of all my work. I try to discover how to make people stop and stare at an object with intrigue but without using shock to draw their attention and to make them question there preconceptions by exploring different techniques with an innovative and scientific mind set.

Following a placement with Jonathon Saunders I am now working at Alexander McQueen along with working on my own freelance projects.